Handspiker & Hanselpacker Genealogy

The Handspiker & Hanselpacker Genealogy

This database reflects work done over the past five years, to amass a listing of all known descendants of Johannis (Hannes) Henselbekker, a colonist living in Bergen County, New Jersey, who had some sons who fought as Loyalists in the American Revolution (UEL), and moved north to Canada in the 1780's. Some of Johannis' descendants remained in New Jersey, but likely changed their surname to Packer in the early 1800's, so have not been as easy to locate or included in this genealogy.

I have quite a bit more rhetoric to share on this family. IF you're interested in reading it, you can read "About This Genealogy" to get a better background on my methods, my areas of focus, my theories, etc. And, learn a little more about the origins of this most unique surname.

I have made every attempt to NOT include statistical information on living persons. If errors in that goal are found, please contact me through e-mail and I will rectify the matter. Also, if you find information lacking, and would like to offer corrections, additions, or any other comments, PLEASE e-mail me with any!

To get started, you have two options. The first is to view a listing of Surnames. The page provides a listing of ALL the surnames found in this genealogy. By clicking on a particular surname, you will find yourself in a specific area of the Persons list. Or, you may wish to go directly to the Persons list, if you so desire. On that group of pages, you'll find more specific names (both Surname and Given name) and that may be an easier way to locate a certain individual.

This genealogy is an Appendix genealogy to my full, ancestral one, which is currently under update, but the "older" one can be seen by going to http://www.jedh.com/genealogy/hpiker.htm

In the future, the updated ancestral genealogy will not include as much of the Hanselpacker/Handspiker genealogy, as it would require updating two separate databases, each time a name is added, or information is updated.

Obviously, this kind of effort could never be accomplished alone. I have created a separate page to acknowledge my sources and my fellow family researchers which/who have contributed to this effort. I've include them all in my Sources page.

I've included some statistic, below, for anyone interested. Otherwise, enjoy your browsing of our family history!


Jared "Jed" Handspicker jedh@jedh.com

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Following is a list of Surnames with the total of individuals in this database WITH that surname in parentheses. There are many MORE surnames found, but these represent those with at least twenty individuals.

Adams (27), Amero (39), Camp (21), Chase (38), Clark (45), Colwell (23), Daley (26), Dugas (29), Dykeman (67), Earle (37), Estey (21), Farris/Ferris (157), Handspiker (456), Hanselpacker (150+), Hazelton (21), Hopkins (22), Junkins (23), Kay/Kaye (64), MacDonald (27), Marshall (24), McLean (45), Middleton (22), Morton (55), Parker (21), Ross (35), Rowe (37), Skinner (26), Sloat (41), Smith (43), Springer (41), Stark/Sturk (137), Thibault (26), Tingley (26), VanTassel (67), Warren (28), White (43)

The total number of individuals in the database is now 4949, with 1854 linked spouses.

These numbers reflect an increase of nearly 1800 individuals and over 300 marriages, since September 2002.

This page created on 22-September-2002
Updated: 18-January-2004