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The rest of THIS page, and the linked contents are dedicated to the ANCESTRY of my children. The links above, are parts of this site dedicated to the DESCENDANTS of Johannis "Hannes" Henselbekker, the Handspikers of Digby County, Nova Scotia and the Hanselpackers of New Brunswick are found there. The Handspikers who are my direct ancestors will still be found here, as well.

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The Story

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But WAIT!!! An important note, since I've just updated this genealogy with the latest research and a better understanding of conversions. I start with a basic genealogy program then convert my data to GEDCOM, then convert the GEDCOM file, using a program called SecondSite. This includes a new format, since my last upload of this database in 1997. Not to mention, an additional 15,000 named individuals (give or take). This upload also includes pictures I keep in my offline database, but only those attached to non-living individuals. It's a privacy thing! Enjoy your search!!!
An alternative way into my genealogical data, if you don't want to view the entire Surnames list, is going directly to the Persons Index page!

To see what it looks like in raw format, the main index page (which is quite plain in comparison) can be found Here

I have also included a transcription of the 1788 Intestate Will of one Johannes Henselbecker. This is the Johannes who stayed in Bergen County, following the American Revolutionary War. While his sons or brothers were Loyalists, it seems Johannes may have either been a Loyalist who changed his loyalties after/during the War, or, never have enlisted with the Loyalist forces from New Jersey. Much more remains to be discovered about this branch of the family. To read the will, I've transcribed the photocopy version from the New Jersey State Library Microfilm on a separate page... 1788 Intestate Will of Johannes Henselbecker

Although this genealogy incorporates all my "known" relatives, as of 08-Mar-2007, it is not meant to be a complete genealogy. After 30 years of research, I have come to realize that there is no such thing. It is done, in an effort to leave something for my children, and their "cousins" around the world. I felt it was something I could contribute, to the family, as a textual account of it's history. There are, no doubt, several errors in this genealogy, and many shaky limbs of the family tree. I will make an effort to keep all informed of those particular areas, but some of the permanent ones (without additional proof) are as follows:

  1. The Prescott line to the Royal family has been in question for years. I include it, based on the fact that it has not been proven to be wrong. It is the most likely course of the family branches, and is based on research done when some material (long gone) was still available. Claims are that, since the parents of James and John, in England, did not incorporate them in their wills, then there is no HARD proof of their ancestry. Well, if you were around in those times, you'd know that some of the earlier settlers of the colonies were disowned by their families, either before, or after their departure. These were the rebels of our family, without them, and those like them, the colonies would still be under British rule. Anyway, it is my belief that John and James were, in fact, descendants of the family in Lancaster, just not recognized as such. Whether their connections are accurately shown in this genealogy, may never be known, but be it known, they WERE of Royal blood!

  2. The line of Catoneras, recently under some scrutiny, is not likely to go to Wyandanch. I have been in touch with a Professor John Strong, of Long Island University, and he has demonstrated that this line is based more on legend, than on fact. In fact, it is more likely that Wyandanch took the lands that once belonged to Catoneras/Cateronas' people. Which the Van Tassel family later attempted to recover. She is, most likely, descended from Matinnecock stock, rather than Montauk. This is a recent discovery, so the "old" line will be left, in tact, until some solid proof to her actual lineage is found.

  3. There are, more than likely, spelling and typing errors, included amongst all this data. I'm not perfect! If you notice any, please e-mail me, and I'll try to get them changed in time for the quarterly update.

  4. The Handspiker line, is, as some would say, my "destiny." Being born a Handspicker, and dealing with all the childhood aspects of the name, I often wanted to change it! Well, after all these years of digging for my ancestors, I have become very fond of it, in its current variation. The name may have actually originated in the colonies, in the mid-1700's. Research indicates that no family close to this name appears in Europe. Based on my own patronymic research, it is quite likely that the HENSELBEKKERs of Bergen County, New Jersey, were all descendants of a BECKER, likely Johannes. Using patronymic naming methodology of the time period, a son of a John (Johannes) would likely be referred to as "little John", or Hansel/Hensel. If a child of little John wished to distinguish himself from other members of the family, the progression would go something like this: John Becker, John (Hansel) Becker, John Hanselbecker. As you can see, it offers a real challenge, with much deed, will, and vital records research ahead of me. But, I do believe this is how our name was "born." There were at least four Henselbekker/Hanselpacker "brothers," in the mid 1700's (Conrad, Wilhelm, Philip and Johannes). It appears that all four of these brothers enlisted, abt 1778, with Peter Rutan's Company, 4th Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers, a loyalist group. John left the NJV, much earlier than the other "brothers," and seems to have changed loyalties, and possibly even changed his name to Packer, after the war. This could have been due to Hanselpacker being associated as Loyalist, and John didn't wish that upon his descendants. There are many indications that his line stayed in New Jersey, at least until 1810, or so, if not longer. The other three brothers accepted lands in Canada, after the war, with Conrad and Wm. emigrating to Digby, Nova Scotia, and Philip, to New Brunswick. While Conrad and William changed the name to Handlespiker, and eventually Handspiker, Philip and his descendants kept Hanselpacker, which is the most original spelling of the name, still in use today. It seems to me, from ALL that I've been able to research, that all Handspikers/Hanselpackers/Hanspikers/Henselbekkers/etc, now living in mostly Canada, US, and Australia, are all descended from these four "brothers." We know, for a fact, that Conrad, William and Philip were all brothers, but, just as the Prescotts were disowned by their families in the "old country," it is not unlikely to believe this may also have occurred in respect to John. So, his specific relationship to the other three, has yet to be proven (but he IS related). As of 22 March, it is also a likelihood that Johannes or Hannes was the father of Conrad, William, Philip and Michel. More on this, as the genealogy develops, and as proof becomes available. There is so much more to share, on the origins of the family, that it will take a book to do so. Eventually, I plan on writing one, but it will be after my retirement from the service, so don't hold your breath. Enjoy the exploration of the pages of data, and take a travel through time, possibly as far back as Thor, if you believe him to be of flesh and blood, and not just Nordic mythology!



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