Reunion Photo Gallery

Reunion Photo Gallery

***New Pictures Added***

I've recently re-scanned the full class pictures for both the 20th and 25th Reunions. The first link, below is from 1996. The file is quite large (500Kb) and will be too large for your screen, but allows easier identification of classmates. The full class pic from 2001 is not quite as large (200Kb), but is still a wait for those of us still at 56Kb or slower dial-up connections. Enjoy!!

20th Reunion - (Full Class Picture - 500Kb)

25th Reunion - (Full Class Picture- 200Kb)

30th Reunion Gallery

Now, before everyone starts asking "Where are the pictures???", let me clarify just how this works. I will post pictures sent in by our fellow classmates. The FILEnames of the pictures will be in a one-up series, but I will try and name the links to the pictures. I have done what I can to put captions on the actual photos. Forgive me if I take some liberties. Also, forgive my memory. If you notice a lack of a name label, and you know who it is..... e-mail me!!! The quality and size of the pictures vary, though I've made sure all of them are now in .jpg format.

As I receive more pictures, I will post them on this page. If they are just TOO blurry or TOO dark, I'll do what I can, but will make no promises.

I may experiment with a thumbnail page, which shows miniature versions of the actual pictures, which you can then click on to see a larger view. Either way, I'll keep this "index" page, as well, as it loads a WHOLE lot faster than if I had a thumbnail for every picture.

Now... On With The SHOW!!!

Picture 1 (Rona, Shelly, Greg, Ellen, John, etc)

Picture 2 (Blurry... but.. Rich Geraci, at least!)

Picture 3 (And I can see Carol and Marian, Cindy and John... who else?)

Picture 4 (Three lovely ladies.. Amy, Cheryl and Eve)

Picture 5 (Spaulding playing around)

Picture 6 (Ray and Thea's back)

Picture 7 (Karen, David, Deb, Tom, Arthur, etc)

Picture 8 (Deb, Meryl, Meredith and others)

Picture 9 (Bob talking some ears off *grin*)

Picture 10 (Deb and David)

Picture 11 (Deb, Tobi, Jill, Bill, Jim, David)

Picture 12 (Steve and Theresa - ANOTHER Steve's fiancee!)

Picture 13 (Jed and Maureen)

Picture 14 (Lisa and Ira)

Picture 15 (Carl and Mike)

Picture 16 (David and Mrs. F.)

Picture 17 (Eve, Don and wife)

Picture 18 (John, Rich and James)

Picture 19 (Rich and John)

Picture 20 (Steve and Bruce)

Picture 21 (Craig and Wendy)

Picture 22 (Joey and Roni)

Picture 23 (Joey and Jackie)

Picture 24 (Kim, Shelly and Jackie)

Picture 25 (Cynthia and Jackie)

Picture 26 (Shelly, Tom and Greg)

Picture 27 (Deb, Jill, Steve and Theresa)

Picture 28 (Steve and John)

Picture 29 (Greg and Debbie)

Picture 30 (David, Paul and Tom)

Picture 31 (Deb and John)

Picture 32 (Deb and Corey)

Picture 33 (The Ferreris..... Like Ferraris, but a tad slower)

Picture 34 (Susan and Steve)

Picture 35 (Jeff and Ruurd)

Picture 36 (Tobi and Howard)

Picture 37 (Craig, Steve and Arthur)

Picture 38 (Bob and Don)

Picture 39 (Carl and Bob)

Picture 40 (Deb and Jill)

Picture 41 (DeJiTo!!!! - YOU figure it out!)

Picture 42 (Oakhill - I think - Elementary School)

Picture 43 (Hyde School - 1st view)

Picture 44 (Hyde School - 2nd view)

Picture 45 (Memorial - THIS is why you should buy Gabor's pictures!!)

Picture 46 (Countryside Elementary School)

Picture 47 (Bowen Elementary School)

Picture 48 (Spaulding Elementary School)

Picture 49 (Joey, Cynthia and Steve)

Picture 50 (Beethoven Elementary School - practicing)

Picture 51 (Carol and Arnolodo)

Picture 52 (John and Bruce)

Picture 53 (Frank and Susan)

Picture 54 (Melissa and Adam)

Picture 55 (Nancy)

Picture 56 (Carol, Peggy and Patty... or is that Patty and Peggy?)

Picture 57 (Nancy and Michael)

Picture 58 (Joy and Meri - Sounds so "Holiday-ish"!!!

Picture 59 (Meryl, Ann and Jody)

Picture 60 (Countryside girls: Nancy, Meryl, Donna and part of Leslie)

Here are some pictures from the NSHS Class of 76 Summer 2003 Picnic

As stated before, I'll be happy to add any pictures sent to me. I hope, in time, to have over 100 pictures accessible in this gallery. *smile*

- Jed

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