August 2003 NSHS Picnic

August 2003 NSHS Picnic

This page lists links to eight pictures taken at this year's NSHS Class of '76 Picnic. I have only used the first initial of individuals, for some degree of "mystery." - Thanks to M. (Foley) Scafidi!

Debbie, R. Seested, J. Royster

R. Johnson, E. Minkoff, D. Goodman, J. Saret

R. Henken, B. Katz

B. Katz, R. Henken, D. Goodman, J. Saret, B. Sharton

R. Henken, R. Tapper, J. Goodman (Mr. Tapper :) )

A. Wekster, R. Johnson, J. Saret, S. Campbell, B. Sharton, D. Goodman

D. Jackson, R. Johnson, N. Epps, N.'s brother

N. Epps, R. Johnson, U/I, D. Jackson, R. Tapper, E. Minkoff, S. Jackson, R. Johnson

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