The Hanselpacker Cemetery

Scotchtown, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada

The cemetery sits on land once owned by David Nevens Hanselpacker, and then John Edwin Hanselpacker (his son), in a heavy thicket of pine on the forest side of Scotchtown Road (behind #290).

Following is a transcription of the markers at the cemetery. It is set in alphabetical order, with the surname of each individual being a clickable link to a page of photos and further comments on the stones:


Given Name




Charles L.

Died October 16 1886

aged 40 years "Gone but not forgotten"


James H.




Matilda J.

Died October 12 1890

aged 72 years


Susan A.




William H.

Died November 2 1884

aged 68 Years



Newest looking of all markers

(child of Odbur and Mary Hanselpacker)




s/o John E. and Sarah J. Burpee


Charles L.

Died 5 December 1875

aged 21 years s/o David N. and Mary Hanselpacker


David N.

Died April 15 1875

aged 59 years


John E.




Mary A.




Sarah J.



















There are four unmarked graves and one fieldstone marker. Some researchers have suggested that Philip Hanselpacker (UEL) is buried, along with his wife and possibly two children, in the unmarked graves. However, I have not yet found any evidence supporting these theories. The evidence of these graves is no longer visible, due to over growth and lack of care by previous owners of the property. I must make a point that the current owners have done a wonderful job of "opening up" the cemetery, so the markers are easier to view. The marker for Charles L. Clark, appears to be a reproduction of a previous marker.


The following connections are made and/or assumed, based on locations of markers and available genealogical or vital records:

  1. William Clark married Matilda Jane (Hanselpacker)
  2. David N. Hanselpacker married Mary Amelia (Earle)
  3. John Edwin Hanselpacker (s/o David) married Sarah J. (Burpee)
  4. Charles L. Hanselpacker (s/o David - likely died unmarried).
Based on dates, rather than marker proximity/similarity, one might presume that Charles Clark was s/o William & Matilda, and with the two markers of James and Susan being nearly identical and their dates within a fine range, the two were most likely husband and wife. I believe Charles (Samuel?) L. Clark may have died w/o marrying.


Directions to the cemetery:

Should you choose to visit the cemetery, yourself, you should first try and make contact with the Deap family, who live at the property on which the cemetery currently sits. Bob & Diana Deap, 290 Scotchtown Road, Scotchtown, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada, are the current residents (as of Sep-2002).

To get to the property, take Trans-Canada Hwy 2 to Route 105. You will take 105 north towards Sheffield, off the TCH-2. You should then take Route 690 East ("Grand Lake West Rd" at the turn-off at McGowan's Corner), follow the road where it turns right at Lakeville Corner. Continue on until the road "T"s and Scotchtown Road goes off to the right. Follow Scotchtown Road approximately 1.6 miles. On the right, you'll see number 290, a fairly modern white rancher (not the original house, to be sure), with a white wooden fence, running behind the house. The driveway points to a gate in the fence, which leads to the back of the property. When you visit, the cemetery is immediately to your right, as you enter the gate. Also, if you were to continue further down Scotchtown Road, about 2.9 miles beyond the Hanselpacker Cemetery, you will come to the Scotchtown Cemetery, on the right side of the road. This has often been called the Balmain Cemetery, as many of them are interred there and the Balmain Farm circa 1786, is right across the road. However, the sign that marks the cemetery simply reads "Scotchtown Cemetery - 1803".