Handspiker and Hanselpacker Genealogy

This is an attempt at a new look, feel, and an addition of nearly 7,000 individuals and nearly 3,000 additional families from the previous database. Though I've attempted to include pictures, I'm still mastering the automation process for doing so. Perhaps in the next update?

Selecting a surname from the list to the left, then clicking the Go.. button will take you to a MASTER page of given names using that SURNAME. Much like the old Surname page would take you to a list of people OF that name. This program I used, however, allows you to view ALL of them on one page, so you're not constantly having to step through page after page to find a given individual.

In time, I hope to include a search function on this page to alllow searching on full names as well as locations and other data.

This part of the site DOES include far more names than Handspiker and Hanselpacker and does a fair job of covering many of the early families of Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the process.

There are still a few bugs I'm working out of the presentation format, so I hope to hear from some of you as you peruse these "new" pages. Please let me know if you have issues or, even if you LIKE the new format! :-)

Many thanks!

Jared "Jed" Hansdpicker


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