songbird.jpg - 33.0 K
Artwork by Robert Bateman, Birchwood Art Gallery

Just when you thought life had settled into a norm
The woman of your dreams, enters as a gentle storm
She takes your heart and strokes it with care
Let's you know that someone special is there

A vision is she, beauty rare to behold
She's the lady of whom, you have often been told
The one that appears, from out of the mist
And captures your heart, with her soft, gentle kiss

You wonder with awe, is this happening for real
You thank God that your heart can once again feel
Inside you melt, as if touched by a fire
As your heart fills, with that burning desire

A need to share, all that fills up your soul
Together you make two halves into a whole
The beginnings of something, not yet defined
Your heart in check, from the depths of your mind

To question is foolish, this newfound romance
Your stomach flips and your heart starts to dance
You accept the blessing, with gratitude, endless
All through the day feeling joyful and breathless

Life's but a candle, it's flame burning bright
It heats up the day, and brightens the night
Don't question the newness each flicker brings
For within your heart, the songbird now sings