Shore Walking

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The sky colored like autumn leaves
Dazzling hues, dancing all around
The water, a deep, dark, azure blue
Hinting at untold depths and stories

Walking along sand, warm to my feet
Playing between my toes as I stroll
Terns and gulls, calls echoing
Boldly foretelling of the coming storm

Wind sweeps my hair, blows the sand
Sea rises, its power bristling on the waves
Clouds speed past, as if in retreat
The sky becomes darker, losing color

As winds increase, water rises and rains fall
I find myself taking shelter beneath the dune
Watching out over tumultuous seas
The storm begins its attack on the land

Fear mixing with awe. Awe mixing with delight
That which scares. The ocean's power and grace
The eye's beauty. The false serenity it brings
As if a perfect day. Foretelling stronger winds

Repeating as before. The storm begins anew
Once it is past. Take measure of all things lost

Each time the sequence holds
And we're caught up in emotions
The fear, the awe, the wonder
Of God's life-giving oceans.