Soul Touching

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Sitting quietly, looking into each other
Reaching through eye gazes to touch inner selves
Spiritual contact, without physical touch
Knowing it will only lead to more

Sharing thoughts, without a word spoken
Softly touching bared skin, unable to stop
Being two as one. Eyes flirting as hands move

Touching and caressing, such gentle play
Offering additional senses to the spirit
Inner selves coming out. Body warmth exchanges

Softly touching hands to cheek.
Gently grazing lips. Electricity fills the room
As both spirit and body are caressed

Hands exploring, offering pleasure
Pleasure accepted, indulged, enjoyed
Petals of a flower, glistening with moaning dew
Softness stiffened and crying a gentle tear

Slow movements becoming dance
Waves of pleasure ebbing and flowing
Time passes, pleasure is found, flow continues
Flowing together, until one spirit becomes two

Sharing words of glorification
Encouragement in mutual spiritual fulfillment
Gentle touching, cooling down
Bodies part, spirits unitedůsleep overcomes.