Solo Swan

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Swimming slowly across the crystal-clear lake
Crossing the wakes of other creatures in stride
Finding it hard to imagine my very own wake
Without a matching one at its side

Seeing other swans, happily swimming in pairs
Feeling lonely, empty, totally incomplete
‘Twould be different if the others put on airs
I could blame it on arrogance and conceit

But those who’ve found their soulmates know
It’s not about being better than us lonely ones
Only a matter of having found that special glow
Between two, a union that only rarely comes

Seeking that union is a lifetime quest
To find another with whom to share my life
To meet that one that will fill my nest
And end this worrysome, life-long strife

I swim the lake, seeking my soulmate swan
Looking for her in every passing wake
One mate to cherish, forever, on and on
Upon life’s great big, scary lake

For when I meet her, I’ll not sing this song
I’ll lift her up and gaze into her very soul
I’ll love her and ONLY her, my whole life long
For with only her am I complete and whole

When two swans meet and finally kiss
A heart is made that once was broken
A lifelong partnership begins in bliss
No more words need be spoken

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