Music used on my Pages!

Please, if you wish to hear one of the tunes, simply click on the > button on the little boombox device. These sound great with the following applications: RealAudio, MidiGate, and Crescendo. I will eventually be providing those links at the bottom of this page. -JedH.

This page may take a little while to load, even longer, as I add more tunes!

This is one of my favorites, the Brandenburg Concerto
Number 4, part 1, I like it on my page, because it sooths me.


This is everyone's favorite tune from CHEERS.
I like it, because it represents those old times, when I used to have a place to go to, where everyone really DID know my name!

This is the tune on my version of the Digby site. It has some nice lilt to it, and at least has a good name... "Farewell to Nova Scotia." It is used with the express permission of it's arranger, Mr. Taylor, whose page is soon to be linked, as well!

A big Handel tune from one of his best albums :-), the Hallelujah Chorus! Without the voices, this still doesn't bring chills, but it's a great tune, no matter how you listen to it!


This could be considered my theme song, the way life has gone for me, in the past 20 years. I can only imagine a better one for the future, but for now, "It Must Have Been Love, But.....It's Over NOW!"


This tune is called Maple Leaf, another one by Mr. Taylor. I like it on my Volunteer Page, as it seems to bring out that generous Canadian nature, present in most of those I've had the pleasure to deal with, or meet.

This beautiful tune has two names it goes by, and the less popular is "Orinoco Falls" by Enya. It's more popular title is "Sail Away," and I'm thinking about using it on an upcoming Digby History and Pictures page, once I get help from my Volunteers page!

This one is called "Shiney, Happy People," by REM, the name of the tune caught me, and forced me to listen. I like to think of it as a good tune to describe all the Shiney, Happy People I've met during my Internet research and general correspondences.!

Here's a great tune, which most will recognize, even if not classical fans, it's the Toccata in D minor, and is possibly as recognized as Beethoven's Fifth! We'll see....if you don't recognize it, drop me an e-mail!

Here's possibly my favorite Yanni tune, although it sounds 1000 percent better live, with full orchestra, this can, at least, serve as a reminder of how powerful his music can be. If you have mixer capability, please adjust your bass/treble to your liking, on this one! One of my favs

Here's my current bio tune, the one most associated with the name of JED, although I'm also looking for a Grateful Dead tune titled "Tennessee Jed." It's bound to be out there, somewhere (oops, another fav tune of mine, I need to get!) This is simply the themesong to "The Beverly Hillbillies," although, I seem to recall, it actually has an "official" name!

Here's a tune used on one of the pages I do some side work for, it's a page of e-mail addresses for alumni of two New England Baptist camps, Grotonwood and Oceanwood (run by TABCOM). This tune is called, "Here I Am Lord"

Another tune from the GWOW Alumni E-mail Directory page, it's called, "Seek Ye First, the Kingdom of God," and is one that always brings back fond memories of my times attending Oceanwood. It's the first song that pops into my head, as I stroll down from the Temple, to the Dining Hall area.


This tune I first heard played live by Kansas, back in late 1976. Since then, the tune and words have become a secondary theme for me. Possibly wanting this played (with lyrics) at my funeral...when that day comes.


Here's one I keep thanks to my daughters and my family's love of A.A. Milne and his Winnie-the-Pooh creation. As I'm the "Tigger" of the family, I'll keep that one for my "About Me" page... maybe!

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