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Here are a couple of links... First, to my own genealogy of Handspiker/Hanselpacker Family Roots. The second is to the Digby County, Canada GenWeb page, which I started, years ago and is now run by Elaine Deion. A great lady, with much more time on her hands for this effort, than I.

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Personal Details

Hi, and welcome to my genealogy pages. For now, I'm very busy on incorporating as much of my Digby County, Nova Scotia ancestry into my already existing online genealogy. I'm also starting to get much more on my New England connections, so will soon be adding those. I'm looking forward to a new project which will probably be a strictly Digby genealogy, tying in all sorts of families, that don't exactly tie in to the Handspikers. I have a lot of info on the STARKs, so that's one possibility, and I could just add everything I know about any Digby name, and have a pretty large database!
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Interests and Hobbies

Genealogy is not only my hobby, it's my life
I've been researching my family tree for over 20 years, now, and it has become a real obsession for me!
HTML writing
Kinda goes along with my Genealogy, and is the reason you can actually read this! It's really opened up "a whole new world"
Reunitings/Personal Reunions
I love getting reconnected with old friends, and do what I can to help others find lost friends and/or familiy members
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How To Contact Me

Street address
I don't live on a street
But, you can contact me through e-mail

Electronic mail address
Use my "new" e-mail address, it's more personal that way

Web address
More sickening personal history!

Office phone
Couldn't tell you, anyway

FAX number
Not Available

Home phone
I'd rather be contacted through e-mail or ICQ! (UIN 498502)

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E-Mail Me!

I love getting E-Mail! Please let me know what you think about my home page; constructive criticism is welcome!

Or, if you so choose, feel free to sign my jedh.com Guestbook.

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