Family Photo Album

Below are pictures of my family

julia_sm_14.jpgThis is Julia Whittier Handspicker
My oldest daughter.... she's fourteen years-old
She is an avid reader, plays all SORTS of instruments and LOVES to sing!

sara_sm_12.jpgThis is Sara Diane Handspiker
My youngest daughter... she's twelve years-old
She's into just about everything, and is the "earthy" one
She's very, very grounded, and can wrap just about anyone around her little finger!

girlsm01.JPG - 34.1 KThis is Dad and the girls in June, 1990
Sara just turned one, and Julia was two-and-a-half!
It seems soooo long ago.....

jds1.jpgHere we are, in February 2002

Here are some more family pictures

If you want to see more pics of me, there's some really Historic Pics of Jed! here. Prepare to be mortified!